The technology behind the results




The Technology Behind the Results

It’s no secret that our shorts work—but how they work, especially since done so effectively—may not be so obvious.


We want to help you understand how our tech works—it’s important to us—clearly, since it’s in our name!


Our GymTech Pro Shorts use electric muscle stimulatorsto work your muscles in ways you’ve never been able to before!


Designed to build the perfect butt using the latest electro-stimulation technology, which integrates directly into the sportswear, our Pro Shorts can give you results in little as a 10-minute quick workout.


In this breakthrough user experience, we’ve stripped the shorts back to the science of it all:


With one wireless controller, you’ll have complete control choosing between three different workout modes and 20 unique intensity levels. This sort of variety not only helps you ease into any program but allows for a broader range of clientele to be able to adapt the shorts to use in a way that can best benefit them.


The shorts can also be an effective add-in or workout for any level athlete or gym-goer—from complete beginner to world-class athlete.


How can it appeal to such a broad range of customers?Well, the proven and safe technology, made by athletes—for athletes (and non-athletes), can be used to both enhance your fitness routine or even completely replace it!


Our Advanced EMS Technologybrings you 15 years of developmental experience to perfect the technology in our shorts. We have dedicated ourselves to developing the newest and next generation of EMS programs so we can implement them directly into our sportswear—making it simple and user-friendly for you.


A Breakdown of EMS

To believe in the power of EMS, you have to first understand it.


Already in the name itself, an electricmuscle stimulator simply uses electrical impulses throughout your body directed right to the contraction of your muscle.


As the shorts activate, those impulses will send stimulation to your muscles, causing them to contract. This can help you not only activate your muscles in unique ways—different than a regular exercise would, but also reach those smaller or dormant muscles that are not generally called upon during that workout.


Our GymTech Pro Shorts uses NMES (neuromuscular) to reach both your Type 1—responsible for slow-twitch activity—and Type 2—activates for fast-twitch movement—muscle fibers.


This is unique in itself!


If you know a bit about the science of it all, it generally is quite difficult to be able to activate both types of muscle fibers at the same time. That’s because the slow-twitch fibers are often trained with endurance activities, while the fast-twitch fibers are trained through quick, powerful movements, like weight lifting or sprinting. The two different types of training are difficult to incorporate in one session—but EMS finds a way!


Benefits of EMS Technology

Not only are you able to access this effective training simply by slipping on a pair of shorts, but you also don’t need much—much time or much equipment.


All GymTech Shorts need are its hydrogel pads—placed on by simply removing the cover film and sticking them onto your shorts, a wireless controller—that helps monitor the intensity and timing of the electrical impulses, and lightning cable—to charge your shorts fully in just half an hour!


Fusing the best of the sportswear industrywith the most cutting-edge technology on the market,we also chose the most up-to-date high-tech material for the shorts themselves—with quick-dry super compression fabric.


The quality of the material itself is already a pretty big Benefit with a capital letter B in its own right—but here are a few other benefits of this EMS technology:


1. You’ll have no problem figuring out how it works!


From the instructional manual to our guided videos, you’ll be taken through every step of the easy-to-do setup process—from pad insertion to program selection.


You can access our instructional videos here:



And our guided directional manual here:



2. Since the EMS technology activates both Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibers, you can reap the benefits of both performance AND recovery.


After a tough workout or start of your program, this activation can help stimulate the lactic acid and muscles to help you recover faster—and get you back into the gym quicker. It also helps reduce overall muscle soreness—which can also get you training again without the fear of pain.


It can also work on those smaller, more dormant muscles—and get your body through a proper warm-up to help prevent injury and the risk of re-injury.


It works double-time in your athletic performance, helping you increase muscle strength, endurance, and blood circulation—which can lead to an overall improvement in training results.


If you’re staying the same, regardless of the hours you’re putting in at the gym, you may want to try implementing EMS to help boost your results.


No matter if you’re an elite athlete or not, EMS can simply help you feel better—about yourself and your body.


Whether paired with your training routine or workout program or used on its own, GymTech Pro Shorts can help boost performance and support recovery.

90-day at-home trial. 100% refundable.

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