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We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions about our Gymtech.

The Gymtech Pro Shorts are intelligent shorts powered by EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), a proven technology which sends electrical impulses to your muscles to train more effectively than with traditional exercise alone. They can help both beginners looking for a simple solution to get started in their journey, or for athletes looking to use them while exercising to enhance their workout and get better results in less time.

EMS technology is not meant to fully replace traditional exercise, but to complement it. Think of it as another tool in your fitness arsenal - just like resistance bands for instance.

They deliver a different type of stimuli that your body is not used to.

Also, because the stimuli is externally generated, EMS can deliver a stimuli far superior what is sometimes possible through voluntary muscle contraction - which can be helpful to break plateau and go beyond your current muscle's ability to contract.

There are two main ways to train with Gymtech: normal workout, or dynamic workout.


Sit down or stand up during the entire session. Use it while watching TV, listening to music, or any other activity. Recommended for: Beginners

Normal workouts are for beginners who do not train regularly, have never trained, or are getting back into training after an extended period of time. It is the easiest mode of training - simply put the shorts on, and let it work.

You can use them in a passive mode (sitting or laying down) or active mode (while holding a squat). Here, you rely mostly on the EMS as the stimuli. It is effective for beginners to get in shape or back into training.

DYNAMIC SESSION Workout with the shorts for optimal results. Wear them while performing bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, and more. Recommended for: Intermediate and Expert

This is the most effective workout mode. Here, you perform a short 10 to 20-minute workout with the shorts on. You perform a series of exercises with or without additional equipment. This can help either 1. shorten your workout time for the same output ("same result, less time") or 2. intensify your workout for the same duration ("more result, same time").

It is recommended you train at least twice a week, with a maximum of 4 sessions per week. The same guidelines apply to EMS training as with any training program: proper recovery time, balanced nutrition, and appropriate sleep.

EMS has been shown to increase muscle strength, speed, and jumping abilities. However, there are no solid peer-reviewed study showing EMS to be an effective solution for losing weight.

EMS delivers an external stimuli and trigger muscle damage, but it does not elevate heart rate or burn any significant calories.

However, it is possible to follow a HIIT or cardio-style EMS workout in which case you will burn a high amount of calories but not due the EMS sportswear.

For beginners, it is possible to rely solely on the EMS to see results, as the level of stimuli required to trigger an adaptation response is lower.

As with any training regimen, you must continuously progress to see continuous results. Therefore, you want to increase intensity of the EMS, and progress from normal to dynamic workouts when ready.

Another thing to keep in mind is your diet, sleep, and overall health - as with any training regimen, these variables are key to a successful training program. This is why we provide health tips, nutrition guide, and other ressources to help you in your fitness journey.


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Introducing Gymtech, the next-generation intelligent shorts designed to build a better butt in just 10 minutes. It uses built-in EMS technology to stimulate your glutes and hamstrings, with clinically proven results in 4 weeks.

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