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Some superheroes suffered from a blast of radiation that turned positive. Other less unfortunate ones withstood a bite from a radioactive spider that triggered a biochemical response inside them. Others benefitted from the even rarer experience of a seemingly, otherwise non-threatening exposure to items from another planet. 


Even though these methods of gaining superhuman abilities don’t see so pleasant, if you’re in a dire situation where you need to get fit, fast, they can appear to be viable options. However, even if you want superhuman strength, we wouldn’t recommend them! 


Instead, if you’re looking for an effective and provable way to get into near-superhuman shape, you may want to look into the power of alkalinity.


Just like the power of everyday nutrients and “superfoods”, alkalinity can be that missing ingredient in your everyday diet that can take you from zero to hero (well, at least in the gym). 


In this article, we’re going to talk about the term alkalinity and introduce you to a few ways that alkalinity can help bring you to your healthiest, fittest, and most superhuman state.


What is Alkalinity? 

In its most simple explanation, alkalinity tells us the water's ability to neutralize acid. It resists or fights against the pH balance that would normally make that water more acidic.


So, how is it beneficial to your health? Alkalinity found in certain foods can help you and your body fight against illness and disease, as well as reduce inflammation. 


Unfortunately, most foods we eat are accustomed to eating on a regular basis tend to be highly acidic—which can trigger inflammation in your tissues and cells. 


Not only do these acidic foods cause swelling in the body, but they can also encourage a production of mucus, which can lead to more health problems.  


How Can an Alkaline Diet Help?

Since non-alkaline, acidic foods can do so much damage to your body, it’s only safe to guess that alkaline does the complete opposite. 


And you think correctly! 


These alkaline foods can help not only improve muscle and bone health, but also increases your body’s natural production of human growth hormones. 


Healthier but as effective as a blast of radiation, alkaline foods are jam-packed with nutrients that help prevent diseases and often come hand-in-hand with weight loss. 


Don’t take our word for it—the promotion of an alkaline diet is backed by science:


Health Effects and Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

According to recent studies, alkaline foods statisticallyimprove a person‘s bone mineral densityandmuscle mass.


It also reduces tumor cells as well as helps protect your body from illnesses and harmful toxins—by lowering your chance of coronary heart and cardiovascular disease, as well as even cancer.  


Alkaline foods are also a natural detoxifier, which can help if you’ve been suffering from an overly acidic pH—which is called acidosis. If you’re feeling rapid and shallow breathing, fatigue, headaches, lack of appetite, and possibly even a fruity-smelling breath, you might be suffering from acidosis. 


Fortunately, simplyswitching to an Alkaline Dietcan help your body regain balance. 


You might have heard of eating more fruits and vegetables—but you may have never heard why.  Not only do they contain a ton of natural nutritional benefits, but they are also highly alkaline, which is why your diet should be around 75 percent alkaline and 25 percent acidic.  


What about Alkaline Water?

It’s one thing to line your diet up to the principles of alkalinity—but you can alsodrink something called “alkaline water”. 


Who knew that regaining balance in your body could be as easy as sipping on something?


Dr. Mark Hyman, the Founder and Director of The UltraWellness Center and 12-timeNew York Times Bestselling author, believes in the power of detoxification foods—and water. 


The difference between alkaline water and typical water: Normal drinking water typically measures at a pH of 7, whereas alkaline water will be measured at 8 or 9. 


This rise in alkalinity can have a positive effect to balance out the acidity in your body with its alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.


So—the bottom line? 


Every day you’re going to be making a very important choice—choosing between alkaline and acidic. 


Even though it may seem like a pretty simple choice, it can be a bit tricky. Seemingly healthy foods, like blueberries and walnuts, can actually be quite acidic—which can put you off track if you’re wanting to maintain balance in your body. 


Although most fruits and veggies fall under alkaline, you may want to check out some foods in that category which are naturally lower in fiber and antioxidants—this can push them to the other side. 


To keep it simple, stay away from processed foods, which tend to be more acidic if you want to tap into the powers of alkalinity.

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