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April 04, 2020 4 min read

When you watch an elite athlete event, whether live in person, you might be left with a very weighted question: HOW?


Yes, you know there’s a strict, nutritional diet involved, a fitness regimen that surpasses most of our 9-5 day jobs, and some natural, genetic ability. 


However, even if you dedicated yourself to these concepts—your peak doesn’t stand the slightest chance against the best of the best. 


Why? Because they have the edge of EMS. 


In this article, we’ll pick EMS apart, showing how the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation can boost athletic performance—and how it has been proven to help the most elite athletes all over the world.


The System that Works

Used by elite athletes from all over the world, EMS has a proven track record (literally) that works. 


From being used in training sessions with the world’s fastest Usain Bolt to other high-profile, elite athletes like Karim Benzema and Jon “Bones” Jones, EMS has been favored during elite training sessions to give athletes the edge they’ve been looking for. 


Adopting EMS as part of your training regime can help you crush your health and fitness goals like a pro.


How does EMS help?

For something so widely used around the world at an elite level, it must work. 




As a multi-faceted activity, sports tap into your reserves of strength, speed, recovery, endurance, and even how high you can jump. The greatest thing about physical training is that these aspects don’t generally have a cap limit. 


This means that even if you’re at an elite level, you can always improve!


How can EMS aid in improvement?It can help:


Improve your speed and strength.In a study done in Germany, EMS had been incorporated into athletes’ training sessions—with successful results.


Not only did their jumping performance bump up by almost ten percent, but their average sprint across the board also got faster by twenty and max strength increase by over thirty percent!   


How?EMS system increases muscle contraction throughout the body through electrical pulses. As the intensity and frequency of these pulses increase, the more the muscle building can take place. As the muscle strengthens and different muscle fibers are activated, the faster an athlete can run. These pulses, when trying to increase strength, are more directed to the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.


Recover faster than ever before.After an athlete works out, there is a period of passive and active recovery. With EMS, an athlete can enhance that period to its maximum and help them recover faster and better. 


How?This active recovery, used with EMS, can help reduce the amount of blood lactate you have in your muscles, which can reduce soreness. This stimulation helps increase the blood flow to those certain areas—helping restore the damaged muscle tissue. That increase and pump in blood flow can also help prevent lactic acid from building up in the first place!


Increase and improve your endurance. Whether you’re an endurance athlete or you’re simply working on your endurance as a part of your overall fitness, EMS can help you tap into higher oxygen levels for you to go longer, stronger. 


How?The stimulation increases the amount of oxygen flow throughout the body and improves your cardiorespiratory fitness—which helps you run, swim, and bike longer. Since the body uses specific muscle fibers during endurance sports, being able to tap into them via EMS can help you effectively train without stressing your body to the point of injury. 


EMScan also help you jump higher. When combined with plyometric jumps and exercises, the engagement of your knee extensor muscles and plantar flexor muscles, can help you jump higher than ever before. 

Now you knowhow it works andwhyit works—but who uses it? Champions, obviously.

Actually, there have been so many success stories from all over the world—from international, elite athletes to the lowly weekend warrior. 

Since these professional athletes already are in such great physical condition, it’s hard to understand how they can get any better. However, even at their peak condition, EMS can help them push the barriers to become even faster, stronger, and more athletic. 

In this next section, we’re going to go through the various professional and elite athletes out there who place their supportandtrust in EMS:

    • Usain Bolt: Sprinter
    • Mario Gomez: Football
    • Karim Benzema: Football
    • Ryan Bertrand: Football
    • Jon “Bones” Jones: Mix Martial Arts
    • Jakub Jorasz: Volleyball
    • David Haye: Boxer
    • Nikola Karabatic: Volleyball

What do all of these professional, elite athletes around the world, spanning across various sports with their strengths in different athletic aspects have in common? EMS, of course. 

These professional, international athletes all put their faith in EMS to help them improve and become the best athlete they can be—even on the world stage. So, why shouldn’t you also trust EMS?

90-day at-home trial. 100% refundable.

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